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The "Where is" Worksheets
 A Powerful Tool for Consonant Sound Memorization
and Phonemic Awareness Practice

Is it at the beginning or end of the word?

Click any letter link below for the "Where is" worksheet

The above color worksheets are highly effective for getting the consonant sounds memorized. They also provide excellent practice with phonemic awareness skills for beginning and ending sounds.  One of the most important Kindergarten skills is complete memorization of all consonant letter sounds since this is the back-bone to reading success in 1st Grade.  It is also recommended that these worksheets be reviewed for the first month of 1st Grade before any word reading takes place.
Click any letter to view the worksheet activity.

Understanding Phonics & Phonemic Awareness

While the term "Phonics" refers to knowing the sound made by a letter or letter group - "Phonemic Awareness " refers to being able to identify where that sound occurs in the word (i.e. beginning - middle or end).   Phonemic Awareness is not only helpful in decoding new reading words, but is also a critical skill for making educated guesses when spelling unknown words.   Children who do not have satisfactory phonemic awareness skills will not only suffer slower reading progress, but will become severely frustrated when trying to spell words while writing sentences, paragraphs or stories.

The above index provides a link to each of our specially designed phonemic awareness worksheets.  These creative activities use a highly effective visual strategy to work a little magic in teaching children phonics and phonemic awareness skills.   Also, as all the worksheets concentrate on only one consonant sound (except w-x-y), it also helps with the memorization of all consonant sounds.

 Attention!!, the most difficult sounds to learn are -
h - l - m - n - q - r - w (at the beginning) and y (at the beginning of words). 
It will take 3-5 times more practice for a child to memorize these sounds in comparison to other consonant sounds, so please give them additional practice.