handwriting practice worksheets
Handwriting practice worksheets you make yourself! Type and watch dot-trace letters magically appear using our on-screen worksheet generator. Select PRINT to send a copy to your printer and copy as many as needed. Great for teaching students how to write their names and so much more! Handwriting styles include block Print, Cursive and D'Nealian. We also have a hollow-outline letter worksheet option for using colored pencils. Change letter size, letter color, line color and more! We'll save you hours of time with the best 'dog-gone' handwriting worksheet maker on the planet! Click link above to choose your worksheet font style (PRINT - D'NEALIAN - CURSIVE).
Insuring students have mastered ALL 26 alphabet letter names is the most important goal of Kindergarten & early Grade 1. After this is achieved, it is essential students also master all consonant and vowel sounds without hesitation. To help with these essential pre-reading skills, we have developed an Alphabet/Phonics section that is unlike anything you've seen before. These highly intelligent worksheet activities will enable your students to make tremendous gains in achieving mastery of alphabet letter names - consonant sounds - vowel sounds and understand how to use the skill of phonemic awareness to decode unknown reading and spelling words. These materials are so inclusive that they qualify as a complete curriculum for Pre-K, Kindergarten and early 1st Grade. Give our "Wonderful Worksheets" section a try but don't be surprised when other teachers peak into your class to see why everyone is having so much fun learning.